Why you should clean more than just your house this spring

First of all, let’s address the fact that it’s already May. What? Could swear we just celebrated the New Year with our fingers crossed that 2021 wouldn’t be as trash as 2020.


So as we sit here in the dead of spring, I wonder, anybody else love spring cleaning as much as I do? Anybody else feel like they would rather celebrate the first day over 60 degrees more than the turn of the New Year? As previously mentioned in a blog before this, I moved at the beginning of April. Spring cleaning for me looked like “THROW IT AWAY. THROW IT ALL AWAY.” And finding anything and everything to organize…. Or any reason at all to take a trip to the Container Store.

Spring has a knack for making us feel a little bit better, right? The sun shines a little brighter and a little longer. Our skin feels a bit warmer. We start to thaw out from the cold, somber winter.

I don’t know about you guys, but it’s been hard to stay on track in the gym through this past winter. It’s been hard to keep up with a lot of things. After living in our reformed COVID world for the last year and trying to navigate “post viral fatigue syndrome” for the last 6 months (love my life, thanks COVID) it would be an understatement to say that I am tired.

But there is something about the spring that wakes something up inside of you, whispering, “Hang on just a little longer, summer is coming.”

The tradition of spring cleaning is not  just about cleaning out your closet, your garage or under your bed. This is a tradition of renewal. That good old fashion “mind, body, and soul” type of renewal.

Last spring was less than ideal, and I think we focused a lot more on disinfecting every 3 seconds to survive than cleaning just because it feels good. Perhaps we should take advantage of the positive changes we are seeing alongside the change of the seasons this spring and take it a step or two beyond cleaning your house. Think about ways you could build more healthy habits into your life (or back into your life) to make you feel refreshed every day, not just when the sun is shining.

Image by Manfred Richter from Pixabay

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