Then vs. now challenge?

8 years ago, on the left. 19 years old. Sophomore year of collegiate track and field; photo preceded by several months of overtraining and my first knee surgery.  “Underweight” in comparison to other NCAA throwers and according to the majority of my coaches. (What a wild world to live in when 195 lbs is tooContinue reading “Then vs. now challenge?”

My B if this makes you uncomfortable

Today is Memorial Day. A day to remember and mourn those who have died in service of the United States. Today is also the last day of Mental Health Awareness month. Not only do most of us honor those who lost their lives while serving in the military, but also those who served and passedContinue reading “My B if this makes you uncomfortable”

Why you should clean more than just your house this spring

First of all, let’s address the fact that it’s already May. What? Could swear we just celebrated the New Year with our fingers crossed that 2021 wouldn’t be as trash as 2020. Weird. So as we sit here in the dead of spring, I wonder, anybody else love spring cleaning as much as I do?Continue reading “Why you should clean more than just your house this spring”

27 year old “what if” story

You ever hear about somebody’s story, or maybe listen to them tell their story first hand, and think to yourself… like what if just one person intervened? What if ONE single positive adult stepped in and said, “Hey, you’ve been through a lot. I can feel that. I can see it’s affecting you still today.Continue reading “27 year old “what if” story”

The problem with planning

There’s this really awesome quote by this guy named Joseph Campbell that I have been hung up on for years. Google would tell you that Campbell’s work as an author and a professor at Sarah Lawrence College covers the “aspects of human experience” – feel free to dig a little deeper into that one onContinue reading “The problem with planning”

Let’s talk about transitions

I recently moved. Like last weekend actually. Moving as a fully functioning adult with your significant other/ life partner/ favorite human and dog-child is a little different than moving at the end of every semester in college or even the couple years after. Your friends are all spread out all over the country (or world…Continue reading “Let’s talk about transitions”

Are you limiting your own happiness?

You know that feeling when you have been working towards a goal for months or years, and then you finally get there… and… nothing? Maybe you’re excited and relieved because you finally made it; you finally made it happen. Or maybe you are a little frustrated because you made it but you feel like youContinue reading “Are you limiting your own happiness?”

One big gigantic process

This phrase has been running through my head often lately, both for myself and for many of the athletes I’ve been working with. I have certainly written on this topic before, but it’s worth talking about again… and probably again after that… and again some more. (That kinda rhymes, you’re welcome.) “Everything happens for aContinue reading “One big gigantic process”

Finding a new “normal”

Well, friends. I received the first round of the COVID-19 vaccination a few weeks ago. (In addition to actually having COVID at the beginning of November – double antibodies then? My lungs are doing weird stuff but at least my smell came back…mostly.) But seriously, it took me by surprise how quickly this happened. IContinue reading “Finding a new “normal””

Where do I find the reset button?

Halfway into January. Uh what? Oh, you couldn’t find it either? Wait, let me check… Nope. Not there… And also not there. Also, no, you’re not alone. I’m here with you. Can’t seem to find it anywhere. The new year always comes so jam packed full of high expectations and resolutions and goals. A plethoraContinue reading “Where do I find the reset button?”