Then vs. now challenge?

8 years ago, on the left. 19 years old. Sophomore year of collegiate track and field; photo preceded by several months of overtraining and my first knee surgery.  “Underweight” in comparison to other NCAA throwers and according to the majority of my coaches. (What a wild world to live in when 195 lbs is tooContinue reading “Then vs. now challenge?”

Where do I find the reset button?

Halfway into January. Uh what? Oh, you couldn’t find it either? Wait, let me check… Nope. Not there… And also not there. Also, no, you’re not alone. I’m here with you. Can’t seem to find it anywhere. The new year always comes so jam packed full of high expectations and resolutions and goals. A plethoraContinue reading “Where do I find the reset button?”

Unprecedented women in unprecedented times

2020 has been a doozy. Am I right, my friends? The science tells us that we have a tendency to remember more bad stuff than good stuff. And if we are being real about 2020, the significant overuse of the word “unprecedented” is on the end of a very long list of obstacles we facedContinue reading “Unprecedented women in unprecedented times”